Consulting Specialty Areas


Diversity is. Inclusion may or may not be. Understanding and appreciating our differences and core commonalities is essential. Let an expert help you leverage your human capital.

  • Diversity and inclusion assessments
  • Diversity and inclusion lectures, workshops, and one-on-one consultation
  • Promoting mutual respect/understanding differences
  • Fostering awareness of our ever-changing diversity
  • Encouraging strategic thinking about diversity
  • Stimulating critical thinking about diversity issues



In today’s world, nonprofit organizations are more important than ever. Let an expert assist you with your nonprofit needs, from training and development to coaching.

  • Understanding board/staff roles & responsibilities
  • Creating a diverse board
  • Conducting effective board meetings
  • Examining legal rights & responsibilities



It is critical to have a plan. Let an expert help you and your organization decide what is really important and how best to achieve those ends.

  • Setting goals
  • Developing implementation strategies and timelines
  • Assigning accountability
  • Measuring outcomes



No one is an island. Let an expert help you gel as a team and learn to work with one another, even when the going gets rough.

  • Developing cohesive teams
  • Communicating effectively
  • Resolving conflict



Identifying, developing and empowering individuals is the essence of leadership. Let an expert help you facilitate this process in the context of your organization.

  • Identifying values & vision
  • Understanding the leadership context
  • Developing leadership skills