As if shackles never fastened.
As if lashes never pierced.
As if slip knots never hanged.
As if fire never charred.
As if bullets never silenced.

As if separate were equal.
As if Jim never crowed.
As if we moved with all deliberate speed.
As if our rights came civilly.
As if the action were affirmative.
As if opportunity were equal.

As if time heals all wounds.
As if bygones could be bygones.
As if regrets remedied.
As if acknowledgement atoned.
As if forgiveness were reflexive.
As if reconciliation came without sacrifice.

As if race no longer mattered.
As if meritocracy were universal.
As if privilege cease to exist.
As if power were diffuse.

As is roots were extracted.
As if history no longer hobbled us.
As psychic scars vanished.
As if we could start over.

As if words were solutions.
As if it were so simple.
As if we would just go along.
As if we could just get along.

As if you really know me.
As if you really care.
As if you see the future.
As if you see me there.
As if we share a destiny.

As if what is must be.
As if it were inevitable.
As if power emanated from without.
As if were but pawns.

As if we might all rise up.
As if we could wrest control.
As if we could come together.
As if we could sense of it all.

As if….
As if….
As if….
As if a change is gonna come.

©2009 Hannibal B Johnson